Maschinen-Mensch and Codecks are joining forces to create the best Project Management Tool for Game Developers

New company Codecks GmbH being founded

Berlin, May 23, 2019 | Codecks is a powerful project management tool featuring an innovative workflow model and a playful user experience. Codecks was developed in the Saftladen co-working space run by Maschinen-Mensch and Studio Fizbin. Maschinen-Mensch has been using the tool successfully and increasingly for the past three years and Maschinen-Mensch and Codecks are now extending their collaboration by jointly starting a new company to develop Codecks further.

Codecks is doubling down on game developers as their primary audience and the new Codecks GmbH is working on several new features which will highlight this focus further in the future. CEO for the new company will be Riad Djemili, who will also remain being Co-CEO of Maschinen-Mensch.


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About the Codecks Software

Codecks is a web-based project management software for game developers. The software is aimed at combining the simplicity of lean tools like trello with powerful workflow support found in more training-intense enterprise tools like Jira. It’s playful unique design is inspired by trading card games, which achieve a high density of information on a small space.


About Maschinen-Mensch

Maschinen-Mensch is a German independent game studio of former AAA developers (Spec Ops: The Line) that left the mainstream industry to experiment with new forms of generative storytelling. The company was formed in 2014 by Johannes Kristmann and Riad Djemili. Their debut title “Curious Expedition” was released in 2016 on Steam and has been nominated and awarded for multiple prizes. It has sold over 190,000 units to this date.

In 2019 Maschinen-Mensch announced the successor Curious Expedition 2, which is being produced with Swedish publisher Thunderful. The team size working on the new title has grown to 12 persons.

In 2015 Maschinen-Mensch and Studio Fizbin founded the first Berlin indie game collective Saftladen, which hosts co-working spaces for game developers. The space now has 33 members in the heart of Kreuzberg.

In 2016 Maschinen-Mensch and the Goethe Institute collaborated on a world-wide series of game jams. Riad Djemili and Johannes Kristmann traveled to Brazil, USA, Russia, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand and Greece to host game jams with the local diverse game development community and collaborators that had never worked on games before.

More information on Maschinen-Mensch, logo & relevant media are available here.

History of Codecks

Codecks is the brainchild of ex-YAGER producer Emmanuel Tabarly. He met his co-founder Daniel Berndt in 2012 while working on the learning-platform Daniel Berndt is full-stack web developer with a background in Artificial Intelligence. They were joined by Michael Schultz who works as a UI designer on the project.

The Codecks tool was started in February 2015 and first released in October 2016. In December 2016 Maschinen-Mensch started using Codecks to organize their various projects, including Curious Expedition 1 & 2.

Emmanuel Tabarly left the company in June 2017 to follow his passion to work in the board game industry. Beginning of 2019 Maschinen-Mensch and the Codecks team started talking about more directly collaborating on product vision, feature planning and marketing. Both teams are starting a joint company to take Codecks to the next level and make it the best tool in the market for its target audience. Codecks will be a project management tool for game developers, designed by game developers.