Curious Expedition RIVALS is an experimental new take on a F2P massively multiplayer game. In a constant global struggle players are exploring a shared world to find a single, hidden pyramid. Roguelike elements are mixed with massively multiplayer to create a brand new and punishingly hard gameplay experience.


Curious Expedition RIVALS is a new massive multiplayer variant of Rock, Paper Shotgun’s best roguelike of 2016, Curious Expedition.


  • Explore worlds that are up to 10,000 times larger than in the original game.
  • Discover new regions and have your name and portrait remembered for all other players to see.
  • Hidden away in a massive world is a single golden pyramid. Will you be the explorer to discover it first?
  • Acquire prestigious badges with every golden pyramid you discover.
  • Equip your trek with over 90 Expedition Crates to customize your playstyle and experiment with different strategies.
  • The adventurer who first finds the hidden pyramid will go down in the ongoing history of RIVALS and start the countdown to a completely new, procedural world.


Let's Play Steinwallen (German)YouTube

Let's Play 김나성 (Korean)YouTube


About Maschinen-Mensch

Maschinen-Mensch is a Berlin-based independent game studio founded by two AAA developers who left the mainstream industry to experiment with new forms of generative storytelling and create innovative games.
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Curious Expedition RIVALS Credits

Isaac Ashdown
Riad Djemili
Programming and Design
Johannes Kristmann
Art and Design
Octavi Navarro
Artist, Freelancer