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Saftladen is an indie games collective and coworking space in Berlin. We co-founded it in 2015 together with our friends from Studio Fizbin: we were both looking for an office at the time and thought “why don’t we get a bigger space to share, and invite some other people to join us too?”.

After five years in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood, at the end of 2020 we moved to a new space in Mitte. During this period the number of members grew from 10 to almost 50. Saftladen is as much a coworking space as it is a community center for Berlin’s diverse indie scene, we regularly host events open to the public and are always happy to welcome other developers.

Find out more about Saftladen at saftladen.berlin.

Interesting Links

The Saftladen Steam Curator page where you can find lots of the games made by current and past members of the collective.

An interview with Riad about Saftladen and the Berlin game scene.

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